The thing I love most about North Birkenhead is the people - their honesty, integrity and passion. I love the sense of community, and the history and heritage of the area I come from.

That’s what the North End of Birkenhead is - it’s community - it’s looking out for one another.

Steve Anderton
Senior Lead Youth Worker
Wirral's Hive Youth Zone

Our aim is that every child in North Birkenhead thrives, from cradle to career

How do we do this?

Providing support

Our community support team, based at the St James Centre, helps you access the support you need, more efficiently.

Improving literacy

Local schools are working together to improve literacy and communication skills, attendance and behaviour.

Encouraging local pride

Our community working group runs campaigns to boost local pride, and create opportunities for young people.

Getting YOU involved

We encourage local residents to get involved in designing the programmes and campaigns that will make a real difference.

What you told us...

6 in 10
North Birkenhead residents feel they belong
Feel positive about their future
Say local job opportunities are lacking
1 in 2
Think young people need more to do
The opportunities a child gets in life shouldn’t be determined by where they’re born but that’s been the case for too many people in North Birkenhead for too long.

The talent is there but it needs a chance. Cradle to Career could give them that chance.

Karen Beazley
Resident and Community Volunteer
Cradle to Career


About Cradle to Career…

Partner organisations working together to support residents
Professionals in the community-based support team
North Birkenhead residents able to access support
Priority areas: education, family & services, community